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Europe Education-What Works Best?

(Thoughts from Karmi B-serving as a Regional Education Consultant & Liaison for TCKI member families in Europe.)

Like many parents choosing the best place for your kids to be educated is one of the hardest decisions. When our son was 5 years old, we were settled in a city outside of Budapest and decided that the right course was to put him into the Hungarian preschool as a preparation for furlough and him being in first grade in America. He went, we played soccer with the kids, he learned to LOVE soup that was served every day for lunch.  He learned some of the language, but our goal was really just to get him into the routine of going daily to school.  A third term in the states meant that our son and daughter ended up in the American public-school system for a period of time.  Upon arriving back to Budapest, we chose to put our 7th and 5th grader into an international Christian School.  It’s very much like a North American school with many extracurricular activities. Being here has also given me the opportunity to sub and I even taught 2nd grade for a semester while a teacher was stateside.  Over the years we’ve seen many different decisions that member families have made regarding education.  Each family gets to decide the choice for their children, and each child might need something different.  Exploring the options that best fits your family is a value that I believe strongly.