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TCK Office & the College Years

"Once a TCK, Always a TCK"

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Thanksgiving Retreat

College and working TCKs are invited to the annual TCK Thanksgiving Retreat in Winter Park, Colorado. This retreat, which goes from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to the Sunday following, is a time to ski, snowboard, or just hang out with old and new TCK friends. Activities are provided during the afternoons. Sessions in the morning and evening provide a spiritual retreat designed to help TCKs transitioning in their college years and to grow in their relationship with the Father.

Thanksgiving Retreat is for TCKs who have graduated from high school and who have not yet turned 23 (they must still be 22 by the first day of retreat). All TCKs, regardless of their parents’ current Member status, are invited.

The retreat is intended to have little or no cost for the TCK. All costs for lodging, meals, and activities are covered by the TCKI program.

Airfare from any U.S. city for the first year of attendance is provided by the TCK program. Airfare to and from Colorado for a TCKs’ second and subsequent years of attending the retreat, will be paid from the parents’ (00) account if the account has sufficient funds.* If there are insufficient funds in the (00) account, airfare costs will be covered for these students by the TCKI program. If the family is no longer listed as active at the time of the retreat, the TCK will be responsible for the cost of airfare, but all other retreat expenses will be covered by the TCKI program.

*Note to parents: All TCK travel is accumulated to taxable income for the parent. Due to the tax issue, the cost of the ticket will appear on your (00) statement, but a reimbursement from the TCK program account will post in the same statement period.

Reach out to us to register your TCK for retreat.
Registration for the retreat begins August 1 and ends October 1.


TCKs who would like the opportunity to serve overseas, broaden their understanding of the field, bring perspective to their future role in the Great Commission, and serve as models for younger TCKs should consider going on a TCK task force trip. Most often (although not exclusively), Task Force teams go to Member Regional and Area retreats to bless younger TCKs.

Task forces are self-funded trips. Usually team members are asked to raise their own airfare plus additional funds to help pay for the event. With Regional Director approval, parents’ account may be able to pay for some, or all, of a Task Force trip for their TCK using (00) funds.

For information on upcoming Task Forces, contact the TCK Office.

Working Summer Programs

One of the historical strengths of the Summer program is that veteran TCKs teach the new TCKs. For this reason, veteran TCKs are encouraged to apply each year for a paid position at Member Summer camps. Staff positions are available to work with every age group from birth through senior high. The employment dates vary slightly from year to year, but usually center around the month of June and sometimes into July. Please contact the TCK Office for more information.


All housing and most meals are covered during the time of hire, so TCK staff need only pay for their meals on free days throughout the program. Compensation for staff positions is set in the employment contract. Up to $500 in travel expenses is reimbursable (with receipts) for travel expenses to/from Springfield.


Applications are accepted from January 1 through April 1. Hiring decisions are made the week of April 15. Hiring is done on a seniority basis, so applicants are asked to indicate their top three choices of programs to work.

Return Trip to the Field

TCKs who were raised on the field may return to visit their parents overseas one time, paid for out of the TCKI Travel Fund. The intent of this trip is to allow TCK’s closure and a chance to say goodbye to that chapter in their life. Here are the criteria for a return trip:
  • The TCK must have graduated from high school and be under the age of 23.
  • The TCK must be returning to the field where they spent at least part of their growing-up years.
  • The TCK parent(s) must still be an active, appointed personnel currently working in that field.
Approved trips are covered by the TCKI Travel Fund, which is supported through a standard monthly deduction of $10 from every worker’s account. Expenses for non-TCK spouses are not covered. To begin processing a TCK Return Trip, parents should contact their Area Director for approval. Once the official approvals have been completed, the personnel have two options for purchasing airline tickets for their TCK.
  1. You may purchase the airline ticket for your TCK’s return trip. Claim the expense on your next quarterly report and the funds will be transferred back to your account from the TCK travel account.
  2. Contact your Regional Accountant. He/she can work directly with Adelman Travel and your needs to purchase a ticket in your TCK’s name and directly bill the TCKI travel account. *
*Note to parents: All TCK travel is accumulated to taxable income for the parent. Due to the tax issue, the cost of the ticket will appear on your (00) statement, but a reimbursement from the TCK travel account will post in the same statement period.