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TCK Scholarships

For several years, the TCKI Program, Member Regional Offices, and its affiliates have offered scholarships for students pursuing higher education. We are thankful for the faithful donations from organizations and individuals that fund these scholarships. Please review the specific criteria and qualifications for each scholarship. You may apply for more than one scholarship as long as you meet the requirements.

Scholarship Essay Requirements

Each scholarship has a writing prompt that must be addressed in 1000 words. Essays must be received by April 30, 2024, at 11:59 P.M. (CST)

Scholarship Essay Scoring

Essays will be scored using a double-blind review process and the following rubric: Scholarship Essay Rubric

Scholarship Winners

Scholarship winners be notified via email no later than August 1, 2024.

The TCKI General Scholarship was created through donations by faith organizations and individuals. Applicants must have served on the field for four years to qualify for this scholarship.

Essay Prompt

Reflect on your experiences growing up as a TCK. How has this upbringing shaped your values, worldview, and aspirations? Share examples to illustrate the complexities of the TCK experience and how God has used it for your personal growth.

The TCK Regional Scholarship was created through donations from the Regional Offices. Applicants from each region are encouraged to apply. One student will be awarded a scholarship. To be eligible for the Regional Scholarship, the TCK applicant’s parents must be current Member personnel in that region.

Essay Prompt

Share your experience of living overseas and how it has influenced your spiritual growth, cultural understanding, and educational journey. Discuss the challenges you have faced, the lessons you have learned, or the unique perspectives you have gained from your time overseas. Explain how these experiences influenced your personal and professional goals.

The TCKI Memorial Scholarship is for TCK applicants who are studying with a major in public service, including military, law enforcement, humanitarian, public service, social work, education, counseling, or a similar field of study. Any TCKI Member who has lived overseas for a minimum of four years and is pursuing one of the majors listed above may apply. This scholarship has been made possible through contributions to the J.J. Smeya and Phil Billings Memorial Fund.

Essay Prompt

Write an essay that outlines your dedication to a career in public service. Discuss the reasons behind your desire to serve your community or country. Share any relevant experiences or projects that have shaped your commitment to public service and how you plan to apply your skills and knowledge to address pressing issues in the field.

The SEU Alumni TCKI Scholarship is made possible through anonymous donations from TCK alumni graduates of Southeastern University. To be eligible for this scholarship, the TCK applicant must be enrolled as a full-time student at SEU for the upcoming school year.

Essay Prompt

Write an essay detailing your passion for Southeastern University’s core values and mission. Explain how your personal and academic goals align with what Southeastern University stands for and describe how you plan to contribute to Southeastern’s community.

The TCK Alumni Visual Arts Scholarship is made possible by donations from Lucent Digital, a web and print design studio, founded by TCKs in 2003. To be eligible for this scholarship, the TCK applicant must have a major or minor in Graphic Design, Mass Media (Film), or Digital Arts.

To apply for this scholarship, the TCK applicant must submit the TCKI Scholarship Application, an essay, and an additional project showing his/her creative art related to one of the majors listed above. Submit, along with your application, the project with a brief description of the project and the applicant’s major in a PDF file or a link to view the project.


Create a visual masterpiece that reflects the interplay of tradition and innovation, bridging the past and future through a chosen medium.

Write an essay that shares the impact that art has had on your life and explain how this scholarship will help you pursue God’s plan for your life in the field of Visual Arts