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TCK Webinars (Members Only)

Tools for TCK Transition

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Life Coach Tim Austin shares tools and information to help your TCK navigate a life full of transition.

Notes from this webinar can be found by clicking the button below

Originally Streamed: January 2022

Facilitating the education of TCKs with Special Needs

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Dean Bethanie lays out everything you need to know about educating your Special Needs TCK. Whether it’s at home or in a schooling system, she gives you the info you need to make the best decision for your TCK.

Notes from the presentation can be found below.

Originally Streamed: December 2021

pastoring your tcks

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Cristi A talks with Shellie B about pastoring and caring for your TCKs as they grow up.


Originally Streamed: November 2021

tools for your tck's mental health

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Peter Pinon, LPC joins us again to expand the tools on your belt to help maintain your TCK’s mental health. He talks about how we can help our TCKs navigate conflict and best resolve it.

Originally Streamed: October 2021

The power point from the webinar is available to download in PDF form down below.

fundamentals of tck child safety

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Kevin from the TCKI Office explains the fundamentals of keeping your TCK safe.
Originally streamed: August 2021
The power point from the webinar is available to download in PDF form down below.

What is a TCK? Webinar

TCKs, Chad and Rachel, discuss the TCK Identity and what it means to be a TCK. 

Originally Streamed: July 2021

Post Secondary Education Planning

Dean Bethanie and Bwana Paul will be discuss tips & trends about planning the next steps for your TCK’s post-secondary education.

Originally Streamed: August 2021

Homeschooling Your TCK

Dean Bethanie and Dr. Brenda will be talking about considerations to make when homeschooling your TCK. We will be discussing new tips and resources whether you’re just starting to homeschool your TCK or continuing their education.

Originally Streamed: July 2021

The tck mental health toolbelt

Peter Pinon joins us to talk about how we can help our TCK’s have good mental health.

Originally Streamed: July 2021

Author lauren wells: The Grief Tower

Today we are hosting Lauren Well, author of “The Grief Tower”. Lauren is a well-known, recognized leader in TCK work. Lauren will be walking through her book and sharing insights for our families about helping TCK’s through grief.

Originally Streamed: July 2021

Author Jeff Grenell Interview: Current Sexuality Trends

We welcomed Jeff Grenell, professor at North Central University and author of Gen SeXYZ to our MR Webinar. Jeff comes from an extensive background in youth ministry.

Originally Streamed: July 2021

TCKI Education 101

Dean Bethanie with TCKI Education Consultants Team cover everything that TCK parents need to know about planning education for your TCK no matter where you are in the world or where your child is in their educational career.

Originally Streamed: May 2021