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Two TCKI Education Resources

TCKI started in 1972. In the early 2000s, the TCKI Education Team was established with a mandate to specifically support and resource member families’ educational needs.

Since the 70s, there has always been a component of educational support for members. It was clear early in the history of TCKI Ministry that there was a need to provide information, services, and resources to families as they processed their TCKs’ academic journeys.

With input and support from many avenues, the TCKI website now provides two, free PDF resources for download. These resources are updated annually, in January, and every 4 to 5 years are completely revised. Our hope is that these two resources will provide guidance and support for our member families.

TCKI Education Resource (Your Education Questions Answered)

This free, downloadable, printable PDF resource is less than 70 pages and starts off with a thought-provoking questionnaire to assist as you navigate the challenges and benefits of educating your children overseas. The packet is divided into eight different sections with a supportive article and additional resources.

Section #1: Getting Started: This section addresses how to make a long-range TCK educational plan, explains different schooling options found overseas, helps you build your child’s educational portfolio, suggests seminars, and gives additional resources, including resources for children with special needs.

Sections #2-6: These sections define different overseas schooling options and discuss the benefits and challenges of each: National Schools, International Schools, TCK Schools, Boarding Schools, Home and Internet Schools. Each section has resources that are applicable to the schooling option with articles, website links, books and even lists of recommended schools/curriculum. Challenges of each schooling option is discussed, as well as how to make the most of your TCK’s experiences. The Home and Internet Schools section has a few more components such as placement testing and additional educational resources for homeschooling families.

Section #7: Post-Secondary/IB Education Plan addresses college/university readiness, AP and IB programs, dual enrollment, understanding “Taking a Gap Year,” vocation and workforce benefits, SAT vs ACT, and scholarship opportunities. The 9th through 12th Grade College Planning Checklist is a great place to start by reviewing high school graduation requirements and beginning a plan for high school and beyond.

Section #8: Transition Helps, explains the transition model and how to navigate reentry to the U.S. Lists of resources and reentry seminar options are provided to help elementary children, teens and young adults adjust to life overseas. We believe that a TCK’s emotional wellbeing affects his/her academics and it is important to have books and blogs that TCKs can follow and glean from as they prepare for the transitions ahead. We want your TCK(s) to thrive emotionally so they can continue developing and do well academically.

High School Junior/Senior TCKI Resource

This free, downloadable, printable PDF resource is 25 pages long. It begins with a message from the TCKI Office and contact information. The purpose of this resource is to help TCKI members stay connected with the TCK Office after high school graduation. There are many fun and exciting ways to stay connected to the wider TCK family.

We also want to help TCKs through the reentry process and prepare them for college and beyond. A college preparation timeline, options to pursue after secondary school, college financial aid/scholarships, and a glossary of terms are all included to aid TCKs.

We believe both these downloadable resources can be great tools for your family. We recommend you review each resource carefully and even encourage your TCKs to read their own age appropriate sections.

Blessings and know it is a privilege to serve your TCKs.