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Who is TCKI Education and what services do they provide to members?

On behalf of TCKI we wanted to make you aware of the services we provide for our members’ TCK educational needs. Recently we’ve had more inquiries asking how we serve our TCKs’ academic needs. Historically, TCKI has focused on the emotional and spiritual needs of our TCKs. But over the past 10 years we have, and continue to, develop educational resources and tools for our families’ varying needs.

In this blog we will provide a list of the services TCKI Education provides to our members and the individual roles that each service offers to families in your region.

Who Do I Contact?

Executive Dean of TCK Education

Role: TCKI full-time education position, responds to all TCK educational inquires through email, social media, phone, and video conferencing. Also serves as Dean of TCK International Academy.

Regional Education Consultant & Liaison

Role: Represents the educational needs for the region to which he/she is assigned; serves as board representative for the multi-denominational education consortium of that region. Connects twice a year with TCKI to pass on information and work together to better support all TCKs.

Education Consortiums: TCKI is part of three, multi-denominational education consortiums. Each group provides education psychologists, diagnosticians, and general educators. TCKI was part of the foundation of each consortium and therefore we are privy to current educational data for expats living in each region. Education services are also provided to our families at a discounted rate. TCKI Education Team connects with the consortiums to assist our families seeking local support while on the field. With this partnership, we invite the three groups to our regional retreats which provides us with additional consultants to meet with families.

Africa: Anchor


Europe and Eurasia: SHARE

Asia Pacific and Northern Asia: AERC





How/When does TCKI Education support families?

Orientation: during individual 30-minute meetings with each family unit, we will guide you through the process of making a long-range educational plan for your TCK. We will also introduce you to Third Culture Kids by, David C. Pollock and Ruth E. Van Reken. Each family unit is provided with a TCKI Education Resource Packet to navigate information about public, homeschooling, international, national, and boarding school options.

Summer Program: during 1-hour meetings with each family unit, we will talk you through the next steps to make sure you know how and where to obtain education assistance while on the field.

Reentry: free educational testing is provided to all families present if you wish to sign up. Both grade-level assessment and diagnostic tests are provided. These test check if TCKs are at grade-level when compared to students in the U.S. and check for learning disabilities. TCKI Education also provides two, 1-hour sessions for parents to attend: Homeschooling Overseas and Postsecondary Prep (college/university info, scholarship assistance, gap-year guidance, etc.).

Retreats: provide free grade-level assessment, general educational sessions, and one-on-one education counseling during free times to discuss current TCK educational needs.

The TCKI Education Team is available to our members at any time to aid you as you navigate your child’s education. Our goal is to be current on educational trends and provide resources and tools to support families’ educational decisions. Through testing, counseling, and annual travel to visit schools in which our TCKs are enrolled, we continue to gather information about needs and ways in which we can better serve you.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you. We hope to be a blessing and feel free to contact us.