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What Will I Learn from the TCKI Education Blog? Join Us in Starting Your TCK Schooling Journey

Welcome to TCKI Education Blog…

My name is Bethanie S. I’d like to start by sharing a little of my background. I am an Elementary Education and Bilingual/ESL certified teacher and have a masters degree in School Counseling. I was a classroom teacher in both traditional and homeschool settings. I worked as a school counselor for elementary through high school, aided in school administration, and assisted students with special needs. I had the joy to serve and minister as the TCKI office coordinator from 2003 to 2008. I have been a TCK for over 30 years and am currently in the role of Executive Dean of TCK Education for TCKI. 

TCKI Education Blog will have posts from me, our education consultants, and other experts in the field. The goal is to provide you with current, overseas educational trends and information. We also want to be a tool and a resource for your TCK’s educational needs. We know that when living abroad one of the main things your family considers is where your child will go to school and the overall effect that your schooling choice will have on your child’s future.

These are the two main questions most frequently asked by parents when they are processing overseas education options.

  • What is the perfect schooling option for my TCK?
  • Am I going to mess up my TCK by educating them oversees?

The answers are always the same, there is no perfect schooling choice and the diverse education opportunities overseas provide lifelong benefits.  You can learn how to navigate available options and find the right fit for your TCK. Although transition brings chaos, your TCK will come full circle. We have seen time and time again that these full circle experiences, if navigated correctly, can help your child have a wealth of knowledge and experiences that will set him/her apart and be a benefit to whatever the future holds.

Third Culture Kids states, “we have come to realize that there is no perfect schooling formula that guarantees a happy outcome for all TCKs. There are, though, some underlying principles about the educational process that can help parents make the best choices possible.” (Third Culture Kids, 1st and 2nd Edition, by D. Polluck and R. Van Reken)

First, consider these factors when making educational decisions.

  • Your TCK’s unique character
  • developmental age
  • grade-level performance
  • learning styles
  • the culture in which you live
  • the options available to you in that country.

Second, we recommend each family reads Third Culture Kids book and especially focus on the chapter called “Meeting Educational Needs.” In it you will find charts that show pros and cons of all schooling options and how to navigate the factors for each option.

Third, and the bottom line—there is no one-size-fits-all schooling option that is guaranteed to work smoothly and perfectly for every TCK. We hope that in these blogs we can guide you to make the best educational choices for your TCK using all the tools and resources at our disposal. We want to see your TCK thrive!