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TCK Scholarships

The application process for the 2019-2020 year is open! It will close on May 1st, 2019.

Any TCKI member TCK having served on the field a minimum of four years is eligible to apply for the various TCKI scholarships. Only one application is necessary. Once applied for, each TCK will be considered for every scholarship available through TCKI. The applicant is required to write a paper of no more than five (5) pages on the topic “How growing up as a TCK influenced my career choice.” Be sure you read through the application information thoroughly.

Any TCKI member TCK having served on the field a minimum of four years is eligible to apply for the various TCKI scholarships. Only one application is necessary. You may reapply annually with the same or new essay. Once applied for, each TCK will be considered for every scholarship available through TCKI. Each TCK is eligible to receive a maximum of ONE scholarship from TCKI.

1.Fill out an TCK application form, available through TCKI or through the website and send it in. All applications need to be received prior to May 1st.

2.Write an essay of no more than five (5) pages on the topic “How growing up as a TCK influenced my career choice” and email it to .

3.The Dean of TCK Education will send the essays to the members of the TCKI Advisory Committee. Please do not use your or your family members’ names in your essay as the identities of the TCK applicants will be withheld from committee members.

4.The members of the Advisory Committee will receive each of the required essays and will rate the essays with a point system. The points will be from one to twenty. The top essay will receive twenty points. They will only award points to the top twenty essays. The essays receiving the most points will be awarded the scholarships.

5.The members of the advisory committee will send the essay scores back to the Dean of Education no later than August 1st.

6.The Dean of TCK Education will award the scholarships to the TCK(s) with the highest points.

The essays will be graded on specific criteria:

1.Clarity of thought

2.Understanding of how a specific culture or TCK Identity influenced a career decision

3.Ability to communicate clearly how the past is affecting their future

4.Clear thesis


You can send any questions regarding the application process to


The TCKI Regional Scholarship was created through donations from the Regional Offices. Each Regional Office has a desire to invest in TCKs from their region. They have all committed to a $1,000 scholarship to a TCK from their region each year. One TCK from each region will be awarded a scholarship. The regional scholarship is for TCKs whose parents are current TCKI members in that region. Should no TCK apply from that region, the funds will NOT be transferred to an TCK from a different region.

The TCKI General Scholarship was created through donations by churches and individuals. Special thanks to Bro. J Bueno and Bro. R Hurst for their work in making this scholarship available. We are continuing to raise funds for this scholarship.  If you would like to donate, contact TCKI.

The TCKI Memorial Scholarship is for TCKI member TCKs who are studying in the area of public service. This would include military, law enforcement, humanitarian, public service, social work, education, counseling majors, or similar fields of study. Any TCKI member TCK who has lived overseas a minimum of four years may apply for the scholarship. This Scholarship has been made possible through contributions to the JJ Smeya and P Billings Memorial fund.  P Billings and JJ Smeya were both highly involved with TCKI. They volunteered and support the TCKI programs. Their involvement enriched many lives. It is in memory of these two outstanding TCKI member TCKs that we are able to offer this scholarship and because of them the other scholarships were formed. We are still trying to raise enough money to have this scholarship fully endowed.  If you would like to support TCKI member scholarships, please contact our main office.

AMOUNT: $1000


The TCKI Alumni Visual Communications Scholarship is for TCKI member TCKs who are studying in the area of visual communications. Qualifying fields of study include:

-Graphic Design

-Digital Media

-Mass Media (Film)

This scholarship is made possible through contributions from Commission Creative a design team for missionaries founded in 2003 by TCKs Jason Nill (Costa Rica, Spain, and Ecuador) and Aaron Van Gorp (Belgium). The company provides custom missionary prayer cards and fundraising materials that will impress supporters and fit within their budget.


1.Follow the instructions on submitting an application and essay above.

2.Submit a project that you have worked on that relates to your major or field of study, along with a brief description. A pdf or link to view the work can be submitted to along with your essay.


Aaron was born and raised in the midwest. He grew up in northwest Indiana for most of his childhood. At the age of 12, his parents became missionaries. In 1994, they moved to Belgium. His dad worked with International Media Ministries and his mom taught at an international Christian school. He attended St. John’s International School in Waterloo, Belgium from 8th grade to 12th grade. Aaron was a 3-sport athlete in volleyball, basketball, and baseball. He created the first website for the schools’ Athletics department during his time at St. John’s and also worked on the Yearbook staff. In 1999, Aaron returned to the US to attend Evangel University, in Springfield, Missouri. In 2003 he graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science and began working at Global University.

At Global University in Springfield, Missouri is where Aaron and Jason joined forces to start a company that would help missionaries raise support and communicate more effectively. In 2003 Missions Linked began and they started designing prayer cards and other materials for missionaries. In 2004, they started Prodigy Pixel, a web and print design studio that servers organizations. Currently, Aaron serves as Managing Director of Commission Creative and Prodigy Pixel.


The TCKI Alumni SEU TCKI Scholarship is made possible through an anonymous donation from two TCKI member alumni graduates of Southeastern University. To be eligible for this scholarship, the TCKI member TCK must be enrolled as a full-time student at SEU for the upcoming school year.  To apply follow the above instructions submitting an application and essay.