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TCK Scholarships

The TCKI Program, Member Regional Offices, and other partners are privileged to provide scholarship opportunities annually for active Member TCKs who have served on the field a minimum of four years. The standard scholarship amount is $1,000 (amounts may be supplemented based on funds available).

The application is active January 1 through May 1. Only one application per year is necessary; once applied for, TCK applicants will be considered for every scholarship available (see specific application eligibility/requirements under each scholarship description below). TCKs may reapply annually with the same or a new essay. TCK applicants are eligible to receive a maximum of one scholarship per year from TCKI.

Steps to Apply for All Scholarships:
(see specific application eligibility/requirements under each scholarship description)

  1. Fill out an TCK Scholarship application form, available through the TCK Office or online at
  2. Write an essay of no more than five pages on the topic “How growing up as a TCK influenced my career choice.”
  3. Fill out the online scholarship application, attach your essay and/or project, and submit. All completed applications and essays/projects must be received prior to May 1.
  4. Essays will be reviewed by the TCKI Advisory Committee. The identities of the TCK applicants will be withheld from committee members.
  5. Essays will be rated on a point system. The essays receiving the highest points for each scholarship category will be awarded the scholarships.
  6. Winning scholarship funds will be distributed the first week of August.

Essay Criteria:

  • Clarity of thought
  • Understanding of how your TCK identity or culture influenced your career decision
  • Ability to communicate clearly how the past is influencing your future
  • Clear thesis
  • Use of correct spelling and grammar

The TCK Regional Scholarship was created through donations from the Regional Offices. Each Regional Office has a desire to invest in TCKs from their region. One TCK applicant from each region will be awarded a scholarship. To be eligible for the Regional Scholarship the TCK applicant’s parents must be current Member personnel in that region.

The TCKI General Scholarship was created through donations by faith organizations and individuals. There are no unique requirements to be eligible for the TCK General Scholarship as long as you have served on the field a minimum of four years. Special thanks to Brother John Bueno and Randy Hurst for their work in making this scholarship available. We are continuing to raise funds for this scholarship.

The TCKI Memorial Scholarship is for TCK applicants who are studying with a major in public service including: military, law enforcement, humanitarian, public service, social work, education, counseling, or a similar field of study. Any Member TCK may apply who has lived overseas a minimum of four years and is pursuing one of the majors listed above. This scholarship has been made possible through contributions to the J.J. Smeya and Phil Billings Memorial fund.

Phil and J.J. were both highly involved in ministry to TCKs. They volunteered on TCK Task Forces and ministered during the summer TCK programs. Their involvement enriched many lives. It is in memory of these two outstanding TCKs that we are able to offer this scholarship. We continue to raise funds to have this scholarship fully endowed.

The SEU Alumni TCKI Scholarship is made possible through anonymous donations from TCK alumni graduates of Southeastern University. To be eligible for this scholarship, the TCK applicant must be enrolled as a full-time student at SEU for the upcoming school year.

The TCKI Scholarship for Creative Arts is made possible by donations from Lucent Digital, a web and print design studio founded by TCKs in 2003. To be eligible for this scholarship, the TCK applicant must be majoring in Graphic Design, Mass Media (Film), or Electronic Arts.

To apply for this scholarship, the TCK applicant must submit the TCKI Scholarship Application, essay, and an additional project showing his/her creative art related to one of the majors listed above. Submit along with your application, the project with a brief description about the project and applicant’s major by PDF file or a link to view the project.