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TCK Training Website

TCK Training Website


TCK Training Mission:

  • To come alongside parents with support and encouragement as you raise your Third Culture Kids to be healthy, whole, uniquely beautiful individuals!

  • To educate those who support TCKs about prevention of common challenges that TCKs face in adulthood.

They Do This Through:

  • WorkshopsRegularly offered online and in person.

  • Seminars – Learn about preventive care on your own time. A new topic is available each month.

  • Coaching for ParentsEquipping and encouraging parents with skills to implement preventive TCK care in ways that work specifically for their family

  • Consulting for Organizations Providing training on TCK preventive care and how to implement it on an organizational level

  • Curriculum Development Customized curriculum created for your TCK retreat or program and training for your personnel

  • BlogPractical skills, personal insight, and encouragement for parents of TCKs and those who work with TCKs.

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