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Safe House, Joshua Straub

Safe House, Joshua Straub


Safe House by Joshua Straub (@joshua.straub)
This has been a favorite of mine since before I had kids of my own. I quote him several times in my book because his take on meeting the emotional needs of children is on point and it is critical information for anyone raising TCKs. He challenges me every time I reread it with his constant reminders of being a model of emotional health for our kids. He also brings in the brain science and if you know me, you know that gets me super excited.
A favorite quote: “A safe house isn’t about parenting perfectly. It’s about knowing your own story so you can move from parenting reactively to parenting proactively.” And another because I can’t help myself… “Simply put, an emotionally safe home breeds secure children, and secure children develop the brain functions necessary for successful living.” Shared by Heather S., Africa

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