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DotCom Therapy - Speech Therapy

DotCom Therapy - Speech Therapy

Education and Counseling

DotCom Therapy is passionate about connecting those in need of therapy with services that they may not be able to reach.

No matter where they live, families can connect with specialized therapists who can help with articulation, accent modification, autism spectrum disorder, voice therapy, and many more. Check out the video below to learn more.

“A few years ago, our daughter was needing speech therapy. Being overseas it was hard to know where to get speech therapy. Through a lot of searching, we found friend of a friend who was a speech therapist. She ended up helping her over “Go to meeting” (like facetime). It really helped our daughter to receive that early intervention.

Last night, we received an email from our daughter’s speech therapist telling us that those meetings changed her life and she decided to move into helping people all over the world via the internet. We thought that was amazing and a real need.”

– Thailand/Asia Pacific Expat

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