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Chameleon Themed Children's books

Chameleon Themed Children's books


As an office, our mascot is the chameleon. If you would like to know more about why, please read the article that was written by one of our TCKs, back in the 90s. We have the article posted here.

There are several great books with chameleons as the main character. These books all provide great opportunities for parents to discuss how TCKs learn to adapt to their surroundings, much like chameleons. Here are some of the great books that we recommend:

Chameleons Are Cool, by Martin Jenkins

Crafty Chameleon, by Mwenye Had Thi and Adrienne Kennaway

Chameleon’s Colors, by Chisato Tashiro

A Color of His Own, by Leo Lionni

Chameleon’s Crazy Colors, by Nicola Grant and Michael Terry

Chameleon, Chameleon, by Joy Cowley

The Chameleon and the Dragonfly, by Lorena Eliasen