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A Brighter Tomorrow

A Brighter Tomorrow

Counseling and Children

One of our adult-TCKs is a professional councelor. She refer familes to her regularly. Recently I asked her for resources that may help TCKs through the trauma of transition. Transition can simulate the same effects as trauma. She recommended this resource, so we are passing it on to you.

Here is what the promo says about this book, “Sometimes, traumatic events affect the lives of children, and parents can feel powerless to help. It could be the death of a loved one, the loss of a home, or witnessing violence (in and out of the home). Many times, parents are dealing with their own feelings after such an event as well. Sometimes what adults may not see as tragic can still create overwhelming fear or sadness in a child. If you are worried about how to help a child process such an event, this activity book is a valuable tool to help your children process their feelings and deal with traumatic issues they may face in the 21st century.

Using A Brighter Tomorrow, parents can work directly with their children (ages 8 to 12) to help them understand more about their emotions, needs, and strengths as they navigate traumatic events as well as other emotional times in their lives.”

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