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Child Safety Resources

April is Child Safety Month and we wanted to share some resources so that you can learn how to keep your TCK(s) and family safe, all year long.

Child Abuse Hotline

Last year, our Global Member Care Team, who serves alongside the Member Care office, worked diligently to put together a helpline number and FAQ in the event that a concern for the safety of a TCK would need to be shared. Please find the attached document and link to a video that Kevin Stone, Member Care Director, created in order to explain the ‘why’ behind the resource.

Child Abuse Hotline Number: 1 (417) 212-5976

Podcast Episodes

Our office has collected a few podcast episodes speaking on the subject of child safety and child abuse.

Julie Lowe on Safeguards: Shielding our Homes and Equipping our Kids

Julie Lowe, author of Safeguards, joins us on the podcast for a valuable and insightful conversation on how we as adults can help children grow in wisdom and discernment.

Kevin McGee on Third Culture Kid Safety

Kevin McGee joins us on the podcast to have a vitally important conversation about Third Culture Kid safety and the role we each play in it.

Safer, Smarter, Families

If you’re looking for ways to have meaningful conversations and bring awareness to the TCK’s in your family or on your field, Safer Smarter Families is a great resource to guide your conversations. There are activities and topics for all age groups.