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Between Worlds

Home…what a loaded word. I typically dislike it, well, sometimes hate it. I remember during my years of living in Bangkok, the artist Michael Búble

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Waarom Niet?

As a baby, my parents moved me and my brothers to South Africa. By the time we left South Africa, four years later, I could

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The TCK Flag

Our TCK flag is based on the “Color me Green” article written by one of our TCKs. You can read that article here. Bwana Paul D.

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Welcome to the new TCKI site

Welcome to the Third Culture Kids, International website! We are pleased to offer this as a resource to all our international families. Fundamentally, our focus

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TCK Relationships

Keeping and building strong relationships is one of the most difficult things for TCKs to do. We are challenged by moving from place to place,

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